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Asaf Rashid offers a free consultation by phone to answer simple questions. Fill out the form below to have Asaf contact you.

In order for Asaf Rashid to do any substantial work for you, a full consultation will be needed. Through a full consultation, Asaf will have the opportunity to gather more details about your case or issue, give you a better sense of the process you are dealing with, provide legal information and advice, and enter into a retainer agreement with you for further services if there is something he is able to assist you with. If he is able to assist you further, your fee will be figured out during the consultation and stated in the retainer (flat fees are favoured for all matters). Consultations can be done in person (COVID-19 safety protocol in place), by video through Zoom, Skype/ Microsoft Teams, other video platforms, or by phone. The fee is $250.00 + HST = $287.50 for all forms of consultation, but the fee may be reduced or waived for very low income clients if Asaf is in the position to do so. If you enter into a retainer agreement with Asaf, the consultation fee will be deducted from the overall fee for your matter.