Criminal Defence

Asaf Rashid Law takes clients facing criminal charges, including those who qualify for Legal Aid Ontario. Through his experience at Calgary Legal Guidance, he has experience in working with clients who struggle with mental health and addictions as well.


Immigration Law

Asaf Rashid law offers immigration law services to refugee claimants, those wishing to stay in Canada on Humanitarian and compassionate grounds, and for sponsorships. He will also take on clients who qualify for  Legal Aid Ontario immigration law eligibility. Asaf Rashid has spent many years, even before ever entering into law school, advocating for and supporting refugees and migrants who wish to stay in Canada. In 2005, he marched from Montreal to Ottawa in a "status for all" march to support those fighting to stay in Canada and avoid deportations. He has literally gone the extra mile for those wishing to stay in Canada out of a commitment and belief that people have right to be here if they have built a life in Canada or are seeking refuge here.


Human Rights 

Asaf Rashid has long been a champion for human rights. He will assist people who wish to take matters to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario for cases in which they have suffered discrimination by landlords, employers, government services, or any other areas in which the human rights legislation applies.


Student disciplinary proceedings

Asaf Rashid has experience assisting students dealing with university disciplinary proceedings, where a student is accused of student Code of Conduct violations.


Asaf Rashid may take on other matters as well, including civil claims, on a case-by case basis. These may include lawsuits against the police. Other services will be added over time.



Asaf Rashid's hourly rate is $165 / hour. He also may offer services for block fees (such as opinion letters or immigration applications), and prices may vary for these. Other arrangements can be discussed, including payment plans. Asaf Rashid aims to make his services affordable.