Asaf Rashid has put on many workshops and presentations in classrooms and communities over the years, from Fredericton to Halifax to Calgary. Please contact Asaf at least one month in advance to arrange a workshop. Workshop prices may vary depending on group size, length any other factors. The fee may be waived in appropriate circumstances.

None of the following workshops offer legal advice, but legal information designed to help people become better informed about legal issues discussed. Legal advice is very specific and situation dependent.

1) Protest law 101: This workshop covers common legal implications of protest actions, surveying various scenarios and possible outcomes. It includes a discussion of common protest related charges, what happens upon arrest, and other details, dependent on interest. For groups who are involved in social movements and have concerns over possible legal implications of particular activities, this would require further research, and would cross into the threshold of legal advice. .

2) Status for all: This workshop addresses legal issues with Canadian immigration laws in the ways they affect and create non status people, remove people from communities among which they have formed an integral part and create privileged rights for Canadian citizens.

Please check this page out again in the future for workshops that Asaf can offer to your group or class.