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Asaf takes very seriously the responsibility of defence against criminal charges. Criminal records can cause problems for years to come, preventing  you from obtaining employment, volunteering in the community, travelling to the United States or other countries, as well as the stigma that comes with having a criminal record.

Asaf has experience assisting clients facing a variety of charges, including assaults, impaired driving, uttering threats, criminal harassment, break and enter, thefts, weapons offences, mischief, breaches, and a number of protest related offences. He also has experience with provincial regulatory offences. Overall, he has had many successes at trial and also obtained very favourable resolutions for his clients, where instructed to negotiate with the prosecutor.  

It is always important to keep in mind that a charge is an accusation that the Crown prosecutor has to prove. Proving a charge beyond a reasonable doubt requires their evidence to be very strong. The Crown may also have to overcome negative conduct of the police when they arrested you, affecting your rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, as well as other possible defences you may have.

If there are weaknesses in the case against you, Asaf will do his best to find them and prepare your case for trial. But perhaps the Crown has a stronger case against you, and you wish to come to a fair resolution with the prosecutor, rather than risk a loss at trial. In these cases, Asaf will do his utmost to try and get you the best outcome. Regardless how you wish to proceed, Asaf will do his best to help you make an informed decision and will keep you up to speed about steps in preparation.   

Asaf is also an immigration lawyer and understands immigration consequences of criminal charges. He will factor in immigration consequences if you are a temporary resident or a permanent resident and could face possible removal from Canada in the event of a conviction. For those who are not Canadian citizens, it is important to ensure that the immigration consequences are considered by you as well as the Crown and the judge.

As noted, Asaf has experience defending against protest-related charges. As a community activist for many years, he also appreciates the context in which such charges take place, often involving individuals and groups taking action to oppose or government decisions or private developments that impact them, where they put themselves at risk of possible arrest. He also understands that part of maintaining the health and potential of social movements involves overcoming legal challenges along the way, including criminal charges. He also can offer groups an informational workshop on protest law to help them better understand the kinds of situations that could lead to arrests at a protest, as well as consequences.

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