The loss of Robert Devet is a deep loss for those fighting for progressive social change in Nova Scotia

I learned of the recent, and sudden passing of Robert Devet last night.  I only spoke to him on a few occasions, including interviews, but I heard about his work for years. Robert was a tireless fighter for social change. He was the founder of the Nova Scotia Advocate, which is media through which, in the words of Robert,  “we write about poverty, housing and gentrification, workers and bosses, City Hall, the environment, racism, homophobia and misogyny, refugees, people living with disabilities, prisons, the arts, and so on. We like the stories other news media overlook, and we focus on Nova Scotia and the Atlantic provinces.”

Robert Devet and the Nova Scotia Advocate have been unabashedly advancing the narratives of those fighting for social change.  His work has been crucially important to have these stories told and help advance social movements that are a part of them.

You will be missed Robert.

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