Asaf Rashid is dedicated to providing quality immigration legal services. He has many years of experience as an activist, advocating for migrants to stay in Canada, and avoid deportation and detention.  In 2005, he marched from Montreal to Ottawa in a "status for all" march to support those fighting to stay in Canada and avoid deportations. He has literally gone the extra mile for those wishing to stay in Canada out of a commitment and belief that people have right to be here if they have built a life in Canada or are seeking refuge here.


Asaf can assist you in refugee claims, humanitarian and compassionate grounds applications, sponsorship of spouses, children and other eligible family members, applications to come to Canada as a temporary resident, including as a student, worker or a visitor, and applications for citizenship. He will also assist with hearings that arise out of any of these claims or applications, including cases before the federal court. He will assist in other immigration matters on a case by case basis.

Immigration law is about permission to enter, remain in and leave Canada and the consequences of these decisions. Immigration law in Canada is governed by the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations and Citizenship Act.

People in Canada who are Permanent Residents (PRs) have to follow the required rules in order to keep their permanent residency, which include:

  • avoiding convictions for the most serious criminal charges;

  • staying in Canada for the required amount of time to keep your PR status active; and

  • not making any statements that are seen by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada or Canada Border Services Agency as trying to dishonestly gain any immigration status under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act for yourself or anyone else

People in Canada as Temporary Residents include visitors, students and workers. TRs always have a limited amount of time to stay in Canada and specific permissions on what they can do in the country. For students and workers, you are limited in where you can study and where you can work, which will be indicated in your student or work visa. For a visitor, you are expected to be a visitor and only for the purposes you applied, and for which you were approved. You are expected to leave by the end of your visa, and you are not allowed to do any work or study unless you received specific approval to do so. TR's can extend their stay in Canada though new applications.

An immigration matter may be more complex than you may think and may require some legal strategy and argumentation for you to accomplish your immigration goals. Please contact Asaf if you would like to book an appointment. He offers a free phone cconsultation. 

Asaf is in the process of trying to gain approval to take on clients who qualify for  Legal Aid Ontario immigration law eligibility. This site will be updated as soon as he is approved. Legal Aid keeps an exclusive list of lawyers who they will pay to cover legal costs of clients who qualify. Any lawyers who want to be added to the list must apply to Legal Aid and wait for their approval.



Asaf Rashid's hourly rate is $165 / hour + HST. The hourly rate applies, unless you are seeking a service for which there may be a block fee (fixed fee that does not consider additional hours). Asaf has the discretion to apply a block fee or reduce the hourly rate and may take on pro bono cases when it is affordable to do so and he believes the case is of utmost importance.  Other arrangements can be discussed, including payment plans. Asaf Rashid aims to make his services affordable.